Ahmed Talfit Couture – Biography


Ahmed Talfit

It’s a little miracle Tunisian designers. Talfit Ahmed , born 25 July 1987 and has already to his credit a course worthy of the great designers of haute couture.

The stylist career has drawn for him since his childhood . Little son of a seamstress who ran his workshop, Ahmed was always a privileged guest. “My parents worked a lot, so I spent a lot of time with my grandmother in her colorful fabric , crystal and sequin . I was not allowed to play outside , my grandmother was afraid that something happens to me . She took care of me in his own way . This lifestyle continued well after I started school.

By dint of boredom, I started to discover the different materials, manipulate them, imitating initially gestures of my grandmother. ” As a teenager, Ahmed moved away from this world , he even forgot.

Ahmed Talfit

It was not until he entered university that passion has taken place eventually be fully displayed . “I asked my parents to enroll in a fashion school , something that has been denied me.

Yet I really wanted to cultivate my passion. ” Following this refusal, Ahmed enrolled in the School of Arts and Crafts Denden . “I tried to find a vocation study near my passion. I spent a year at this school , it helped me to finalize my drawings. “

Ahmed ‘s parents were expecting him to finish his studies, having successfully completed its first year. But Ahmed is stubborn. “I need approval from my parents to do what I wanted. I was a student , no income, and studies I wanted to do were not public . Basically, I need to check them to realize my dream! ” Backed by his aunt, Ahmed managed to convince his parents and gets satisfaction by enrolling in a fashion school in Tunisia.